3 June 2013

Panelak - On All Fours Guitar

10 tracks by Pascal Ansell on guitar and contact mic, tracks 9 and 10 featuring improv drum legend Paul Hession.

Rapid developments from subtle scrapings of strings to full on assaults of noise, in turns tortuous and beautiful, building and dissipating over the course over 42 frenetic minutes.  

I first saw Pascal on a snowy night when he scampered topless between a selection of guitars scattered on the floor of Wharf Chambers in Leeds, the result was not always musical nor easy, but there were little moments of brilliance and I asked him if he had a recording of the set, or if he could recreate it.

His response was to supply in double quick time a whole album, which I am very happy to be able to release.

the download includes a video for track 5 'Lovers Natural and the Beasts'

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  1. i've been listening this album in bandcamp several times. really good stuff !!