21 May 2013

The Piss Superstition - Vocal Learning

The Piss Superstition - Vocal Learning
01 – Dilating Pupil (08:36)
02 – Bleeding Heart (10:30)
03 – Fucking Nerve (6:39)

Three new tracks by Julian Bradley and Paul Steer recorded in Manchester and Leeds during spring 2013 and released on 19 April 2013.

A numbered edition of 49 with hand printed and stamped packaging:-

"Wait a minute" you exclaim petulantly "released in April, added to the labels own blog at the end of May!".  Whilst i could recount excuses about family crisis, holidays and house moves, the simpler truth is that the music contained herein defies a simple explanation or one which avoids descent into review.  Luckily our hand might be held by Radio Free Midwich, whose author was of course the subject of the last release (now child do you see why pop will eat itself) who elegantly details some of the intricacies here.  The all important line is the last: 'Thus: Vocal Learning is the album of the year so far...'. and my penultimate line will be that at the time of writing there are only TWO copies left. 

It really is very good.

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